The African Eye Project

Using Drone Technology to Save African Wildlife



Our Mission. Drones For Good®

Provide state-of-the-art drone technology to protect endangered species in Africa from poachers.


In partnership with the private sector, deploy a long-range, high-endurance, commercial grade UAV capable of significantly reducing the number of illegally killed endangered Elephants and Rhino populations throughout Africa. The African Eye Project aims to replace illegal poaching, logging, fishing and/or piracy with sophisticated UAV technology, enabling secure and sustainable jobs, and building local ecosystems and industries. 


The Problem.



Poachers kill nearly 100 African elephants every day; more elephants in Africa are dying than being born. The survival of critical species such as Rhinos and Elephants are at risk.



Wildlife conservation security teams lack the technology and budgets necessary to effectively combat poachers operating throughout the vast terrain these endangered species roam.  Innovation, technology experts, and greater data access is urgently needed to protect these species.



The Challenge.

These endangered species are especially vulnerable and unable to protect themselves during night hours.


Poachers regularly operate under the cover of darkness and along the borders of vast park ranges, far away from security elements' grasp. If left unchecked, we will see the end of certain species over the next decade. 



  The Solution.



African Eye is focused on delivering a technology solution through a sustainable anti-poaching UAV/drone platform.



We are creating a 24/7 integrated information, visual intelligence and tracking system to deliver operational focus and awareness to national parks and private conservancies. We will integrate and share information across the operating environment to better coordinate the fight. 



The Plan.


Utilizing drones as intelligence tools to allow calculated decision making for stabilizing African wildlife and natural resources.


A holistic intelligence + data gathering capability that comprises human, land and aerial components.  Intelligence tools and capability to allow calculated decision making on individuals/organisations involved in exploitation of wildlife/natural resources and associated national security issues